The most powerful WordPress theme

The most powerful WordPress theme

Several times I found an amazing template which sadly was not ready for WordPress, or I had the best design, but just in my head. ¿My options? Forget about it, to learn to program, or take advantage of the technology to build an impressive website.

Our magical solution? A WordPress theme called Divi. In their website, you will find a great preview of its flexibility. Also, a great documentation that will help you to build almost any website without coding.

Is anyone still skeptical? Then checks a couple of my own examples, so you can see you how powerful it is:

First scenario: Adapting a free template for WordPress. In my case, I didn’t have the photoshop typical template, like the ones you can find in dribbble. I had a bootstrap template, like the ones I talk you before, but It needed to be transformed it into a WordPress page in order to improve webpage SEO:

As you can see, the imitation is not perfect, but for 15 minutes of work without programming, the results are unbeatable.

Second scenario: You have the vision of how a website should be. I was in this scenario with Walkwithpath, a really promising London healthcare company where I am involved. This theme allowed me to create a really personalized design in a little amount of time. Exactly what you need when you want to focus on the important: the product and the promotional contents.

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